Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Craft of the week!

Can I tell you how much I love to craft. It doesn't matter what kind of craft, I love to do it alI. The problem is I don't take the time to do it. So, my solution is to do a craft a week so that I get a little me time in. I always feel better and am more relaxed after I have been crafting. I plan to make sets of four to give to my two best girlfrieds for their bithdays. I am going to use photos in theirs instead of the letters though. The possibilities are endless of things you can seal up in these. Other ideas would be anything you collect...stamps. postcards, pressed flowers, fabric.

Monogram or Photo Coasters

What you need:
Glass candle holded...bought from Pier1 for $2.50. These work perfectly, they are flat on both sides and have a empty center where the candle sits.
Peel and stick felt...$1.00 from any craft store.
Scrapbook paper....14cents...Michaels
Scrap cardboard...lid off of card bord box
Scapbook letters...$2.00 for 26 letters...Archivers

How you make it:
This is what it looks like at first, minus the price tags.

I found this tea cup was the exact size of the inside of the candel holder. I cut a circle of pretty paper to go on the inside....this is what I will glue my letter to. I also cut out two circles of cardboard to help fill the extra space. Something I didn't do, but thought of it later was put a piece of ribbon on the inside to cover the edges of the cardboard.

This is the peel and stick felt...I just traced the outside of the candle holder and cut it on the
inside of the circle so that it would not show. This felt comes in all kinds of colors.

These are the letters that I used, but you can use anything. I only made one for me to put on my bed side table. I will use photo for my friends gifts.

This is the back side after I put the felt on. I could have done this neater, but I was in a hurry.

This is the finished project.

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