Friday, June 17, 2011


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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Story of a Family Farm

It's Monday morning, I have spent my last week packing up my parents house.They live in an area that is part of a controlled flooding. They were told to evacuate and that they had about two weeks to get out before the water reached their home. 45 years of belongings, and a barn have been loaded into two 40 foot trailers to be stored until they know what they are going to do. Seven tractors, grain trucks and many other pieces of equipment have been taken to neighbors in the hills It has been a sad and busy week for all of us and I am so blessed to have an amazing family who have come to help. It is never a situation of calling people, they all just show up and ask what to do.

This is a picture of  my dad, his sister and brother. There are four of them left out of six siblings. They all live within a half hour of the farm. I have never known a family  as close as they are, they are always there to help each other no matter what the situation. All six of them were born and raised on this farm. The farm was purchased in 1850 by my Great, great, grand father. It has been passed down to each generation to farm. It's been a sad couple of weeks for them, but they all still have a smile on their face.

My dad and his sister and brother

While I was down there I took some pictures of the things that have been around for many years. I thought they were interesting and they have many memories attached.

This is an old house barn that sits on the property. It has seen it's day. My sister and cousins spent many summers playing in the top of that barn.

                               These are just a few other pictures that I thought were interesting.

Of course my kids have had a blast playing with all their cousins everyday, they come home exhausted and filthy dirty from playing so hard.

My older son got them all up in the tree and yelled for me to come see them. I was thankful no one fell out!!

My Aiden, the little man of many faces. He loves having his picture taken.

I have no idea how he did this, but he couldn't get himself undone from the pole. I was daddy was there because I couldn't stop laughing!
  Well, I am off to the farm again to pack so more. One good thing that has come out of this is that we have gotten rid of so much stuff that they didn't need anymore and I have found a few treasures for myself.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pasta Salad

I have posted this recipe before, but I have to feed a large group tonight and thought it would be the perfect  dinner for a hot summer night. Every time I make this simple pasta salad  people go crazy for it and ask for the recipe. It is sooo easy, but good.

This is what you need:
The salad:
1 box dry penne or rotini pasta
1 can "small" black olives
1 container grape size tomatoes
1 cup of fresh mushrooms washed and sliced
1 green pepper diced into bite size can also use a combination of red yellow and green...I only had green on hand.

The dressing:
1 seven seasonings kit...comes with measuring bottle and season packet
Olive oil...extra virgin lite
salad vinegar
Use the directions on packet to make dressing

1 cup of FRESH Parmesan cheese
Fresh cracked pepper to taste
Fresh cracked sea salt to taste
OPTIONAL...1/4 cup of Italian salad dressing if you want more flavor

Cook pasta, drain, rinse and let cool. Mix salad dressing using directions on package. Add black olives, tomatoes, chopped peppers and mushrooms. Sprinkle with fresh grated Parmesan  cheese
and fresh cracked pepper and sea salt.

                    YUM!! If you wanted to make this a meal you can add slices of grilled chicken.

Cute summer rental and 40 years of belongings...

My parents cute new rental for the summer
The last 3 days have been spent packing my parents house. It has been a process for sure! 45 years of belongings and farm equipment is taking some time,  but it has to be done. The flood water will start coming around the 15th and we are going to be cutting it close. The good news is we found them a cute little cottage in town. It won't fit all their stuff, but it will work for the summer. The previous renters left their trash for us to do something with...YUCK1!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Flooding Threatens Family Legacy

This is a news piece that was done about my family. They are one of the many families that will loose their home in the midwest floods. We have been fast and furiously packing all their things. On a happy note, we found a cute little cottage for them to rent until they know how bad it will get.

Follow the link:
Flooding Threatens Family Legacy

Weekend Fun!!

What a busy weekend!! Saturday Luke got to play his first T-ball game . They have been rained out three time so far.

Sunday I taught Sunday school. I am filling in while the permanent teachers take a break. We made helmets of salvation. The kids love doing crafts.

Luke loves to be chosen to collect our pennies from heaven...right now the money is going to families in Joplin

KIDS DAY!! Every year the town does a kids day. It is one of my kids favorite events. They buy tickets and each thing is one to three tickets. was so hot they ran around without shirts, but so was all the other kids.
Pet the animals

Sack race


Waiting patiently

Look how pretty

My husband has been wanting a cat since we have moved here...I finally gave in and now we have two.

Love at first sight!!

Mommy "can we name the kitty Tree" lol

Good weekend!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Fun List 2011

Check out my summer fun list. I saw this over at  "Whatever". Meg is amazing and very insipatitional. I love reading her stuff. She does a list of all the things she wants to do over the summer with her kids. Here  is my  list of all the fun activities that the kids and I want to do. Go check out Meg at Whatever!!

I also wanted to add a list of crafts that I want to work on with the littles this summer.
Craft ideas:
Pet rocks
Stepping stones
Tie snake
Paper bag scrapbook
Marble magnets
Trash monster
Fariy house
Greeting cards
Just a few I was thinking about.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First day of summer school Kindegarten and a backpack tag.

Luke went to his first day of  kindergarten summer-school today. He also rode the bus for the first time. He was sooo excited to do that. I wanted to drive him, but he wanted to ride the bus so bad. I have been a little teary eyed about the whole thing...of course that's what mamas do. 
Waiting for the bus

Here comes the bus

                                              Backpack Tag
Theses are a cute way to help your child to find his backpack and they are super easy to make. I made this one last year before pre-school. Of course I didn't take any pictures while I was making it. I can not take credit for this, I found the idea a couple of years a go and I don't remember where it came from.
Luke's backpack tag

    All you need is a pack of self-sealing laminating pouches, which you can buy at Wal-mart or Target. Some cute scrapbook paper, stickers to spell out their name, metal ring(bought in the office supply section at Wal-mart) and some ribbon. I also uses a eyelet because I have an eyelet setter, but you don't need to, a hole punch will work. 

To make these you just need to trace around the laminate pouch onto a piece of patterned scrapbook paper and cut it out. Cut down a picture to size. Cut a piece of solid scrapbook paper a little larger than your picture. Glue the picture to to the solid piece and then to the patterned piece. Add your child name with stickers. Add extra stickers to decorate.Turn over and write information on the back...for example:
This backpack belongs to Luke xxxxx
If found please contact his mommy Cyndi  at 555-444-1234
Now take you take the completed piece of paper and slide it into the laminating pouch. Follow the directions on the package to laminate.
I used my Crop-A-Dile to punch a hole and set the eyelet, but you can also use a hole pouch and no eyelet.

    I then slipped a ring through the hole an tied two colors of ribbon on. You make leave off the ribbon if you make them for a older boy. I love how this turned out an plan on making more for this fall.

Poor little Aiden feels so lost without his big brother to play with. He told Luke(he calls him Fluke) that he is going to miss him when he goes to that school. So funny!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The little things in life that make me smile!!

Sometimes the littlest things in life can make me happy! When I was out shopping yesterday I stopped by my favorite scrapbook store. They are carrying a line of products called SMASH. If you are a creative/crafty girl like me, you will love this stuff! On this trip I only bought the dual end pin and gluestick. I had seen it on u-tube several months ago and have been waiting for them to get it in. It goes along with a whole line of really fun products. Check out the link and watch the video...I have watched it several times just because it makes me smile. I also got some cute tabs. I didn't buy the notebook yet because I didn't have my coupon with me, but plan on it on my next trip in.

Gluestick end

Pin end

Cute tabs