Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Fun!!

What a busy weekend!! Saturday Luke got to play his first T-ball game . They have been rained out three time so far.

Sunday I taught Sunday school. I am filling in while the permanent teachers take a break. We made helmets of salvation. The kids love doing crafts.

Luke loves to be chosen to collect our pennies from heaven...right now the money is going to families in Joplin

KIDS DAY!! Every year the town does a kids day. It is one of my kids favorite events. They buy tickets and each thing is one to three tickets. was so hot they ran around without shirts, but so was all the other kids.
Pet the animals

Sack race


Waiting patiently

Look how pretty

My husband has been wanting a cat since we have moved here...I finally gave in and now we have two.

Love at first sight!!

Mommy "can we name the kitty Tree" lol

Good weekend!!

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