Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thank You Notes

One art form that seems to have fallen by the wayside for many people is that of the handwritten thank-you note. A thank-you note is an elegant way to show appreciation to someone who has given you a gift or assisted you in some fashion.
With our world becoming so technologically advanced, we are beginning to see a trend where postal mail is slowly fading away. We are relying on e-mail, instant messaging, Facebook, My space and the like
to keep in contact with our friends, family and business associates. One thing that still remains and holds value is the old-fashioned thank-you note.
It is just plain good manners to thank someone personally, in writing, for a gift or good deed that has been bestowed upon you. Thank-you notes are authentic, personal, and show the recipient that you truly appreciate their act of kindness.The cycle of gift-giving is not considered complete until a thank-you note has been given. The process of writing one does not require to much, just set down with a pen and paper and write thank you for the gift, service, hospitality or whatever. Just do will be appreciated.


Michelle said...

You are so right! (Personally, I stink at this!)
My mother and sister are wonderful about writing thank you notes, which usually leads to guilt on my part for not following up with a handwritten thank-you note myself. It's not that I do not express gratitude (by calling), but you're right, a written note means a bit more. :)

Connie said...

Right on regarding the thank you notes. I think it goes back to whether or not they were taught to send them.
I have three grown girls. One is faithful about sending, in fact I usually get it right away. The middle one insists her boys send them and puts the pen in their hand. The last one seems to be so busy with her life that they are rare . Tho, this year they did send them out and I was so happy.
Let's hope it returns. Thanks for bringing up this topic.