Friday, January 30, 2009

Todays Treasure hunt!!

Today I had to run to Target to buy milk, In the process I decided to stop at one of my favorite thrift stores. Over at Easy at Home, Suzanne has been talking about thrift stores. I love to go , but I don't have as much time to get to them anymore.
Here are today's purchases:
Sweet little trinket box 1$
Sweet little vase...1$
"Murder She Wrote" board game...1$
"Candyland game...1$
Harry Potter book ...75cents

I know that you must think that I must be crazy, but I love "Murder She Wrote" I was so excited when I found it.

This is where I put my new finds. I needed somewhere to put my rings at night or whatever jewelry that I end up dumping on night table. I will put a flower in the vase when I find one or a fresh one in the summer.

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