Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St.Patrick's Day!!!

Happy all things green day!!
Today we decided to have a happy green day. The little boys don't really get the St. Pats thing, so we celebrated by doing every thing green.
First we went to the park to see if we could point out anything green. It is getting warm here in the Midwest, so the grass is starting to turn green. I had to take my shoes off...nothing is better than walking barefoot in new grass.

We looked for anything green...from the swing set to the trash can.
We had a picnic...we had some green celery with our lunchables. I had some green broccoli and bacon salad...which I highly recommend...I got it at Target.
Tonight we are having corn beef and cabbage. I just bought some sliced corned beef and some coleslaw mix...they were out of heads of cabbage. I am not sure how I'm going to fix this yet...I will let you know how it turned out.

Also today...while the boys took a nap I did a little research on St.Patrick's day, I didn't know the history behind it, so I thought it was interesting to share with my kids and with you all. Here is what I found out....

The History of St. Patrick's Day
By Dan O'Donnell

We may all be a little bit Irish today, but how many of us know how St. Patrick’s Day began? How many of us know who the real St. Patrick really was?
“Well he was not a leprechaun who drank green beer or had a blarney stone or a pot of gold,” explains historian William Federer, who wrote St. Patrick: The Real History of His Life, From Tragedy to Triumph. “He was actually a missionary and he converted 120,000 druids from paganism to Christianity.”
In fact, Federer contends that in the fifth century A.D., Patrick did more than perhaps anyone in history to spread this new religion through Europe.

The origins of the shamrock are lost in antiquity, but legend suggests that it was used by St. Patrick in the fifth century to demonstrate the meaning of the Trinity. The shamrock is found on Irish medieval tombs and on old copper coins, known as St. Patrick's money. The plant was reputed to have mystic powers... the leaves standing upright to warn of an approaching storm.

I thought this was kind of interesting...Happy St.Pat's Day!!!

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Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Who knew? That is interesting. Sounds like ya'll had a fun family day. BTW, cute shoes!


p.s. The pics of your little guys in the cage...cracked me up. If I had had one of those yesterday, I would have stuffed all 4 of mine in there. Not really...but I would have thought about it briefly!