Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Craigs List Rocks!!

Why I love Craigs List...Let me count the reasons!!

If you have never shopped on Craigs List, then good, there will be more stuff for me...Just kidding! I found this amazing leather couch for $200.00. It belonged to an older couple that used it in their formal living room. They were retiring to another state and buying a smaller house so they didn't need this couch any longer. The couch sat  in a room that was  rarely used so it is like brand new.
So far this year I have bought this couch, a china hutch, carpet( it had never been used) and a set of bunk beds. It is a great source for finding items that have been gently used.
A few tips:
Decide what you need or you will get overwhelmed....make a list. 
You should check everyday to look for your items, stuff sells fast.
Look at the item before you buy it, don't buy it over the computer.
Have a friend go with you to stay safe.
Happy Shopping!!

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