Thursday, June 17, 2010

Goodwill Hunting

Trip to the Goodwill store...
Movie motherload!!

OMG....Is that a TV/VCR

OMG...does that say only's so mine!!

Cute glass candle holder...only 99 cents! cute are these? I don't usually buy used shoes, but these had never been worn. How could I pass up cute sandles for 3.99....again why do people get rid of such cute stuff??

No...not not the movie Good Will Hunting, but the store the goodwill...we always say we are "treasure hunting"....and did we ever hit the mother load yesterday. I ran in to kill some time while my son was at the ortho, I figured that would be enough time to scan the shelves and pick up a movie for the littles. I always buy my vhs tapes there, because they have the best selection. They are more expensive, but they have better choices. So anyway, when we walked in the first thing I spotted was a TV/VCR combination....price tag said 2.99. I couln't believe it...I grabbed it up and went directly to the check out to see if it worked. The nice girl behind the counter pluged it in and told me to go grab a tape. Sure enough it worked. I told her "I'll take it" At this point I am feeling pretty good and then the girl also mentioned that they decided to make all of their VHS tapes 99 cents. I was like REALLY...I rushed to the back and started grabbing tapes...of course I think I was the only one excited about this. Every since the littles have gotten old enough to watch TV I started collecting tapes. DVDs are terrable for toddlers, they scratch them within a few uses and they cost so much. Plus I love the older movies anyway. We found a stack that we hadn't seen yet and also some christmas and adult ones that I wanted. I think I spent about 20.00 all together. I had been planning on buying a new/old VCR and the ones I had found had been around 15 to 20 dollars, so this worked out perfect. I also found a few cute tops for my daughter, two pairs of shoes for me and some home decor stuff. The hardest thing about goodwill is not to buy stuff that you don't nee. I saw so many cute things, but I couldn't justify buying them. I am always amazed that people get rid of such nice things.

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